How much do Orthodontists in London Cost?

Paying for Braces in London

Getting orthodontic treatment in London is especially expensive because of the high cost of living in the city. You will find that the cost of orthodontic treatment in London is similar to that in New York, after taking into account exchange rates and VAT. As no two orthodontic cases are the same, there will be a significant range in prices. Additionally, depending on the severity of your teeth, you may or may not require jaw surgery or teeth extraction. If you require these things, then your cost for braces in London will go up.

On average, orthodontic treatment in London will cost you in the range of £3,000. This number can increase to as much as over £6,500 pounds or to as little as £1,500 depending on what your circumstances are. If you decide to go for something simple like metal braces, then your price will likely be at the lower end of this range. Traditional metal braces are what you remember from your younger school days. They are not very popular with adults because of the existence of better products in the market that include Lingual Braces, Invisalign and Damon Braces. The only reason that they are still in the market is because of their low cost.

Having said that, if you can afford it, there are several invisible brace alternatives that will help you get the smile you want while not significantly affecting what your mouth looks like. Damon Braces are available in completely clear brackets that are attached to the front of your teeth. These do not stain and are almost invisible to the naked eye. The cost of Damon Braces is similar to that of the traditional braces. The cost can range from £1,700 all the way up to £4,000. If your case is particularly difficult, then you can expect to pay at the upper end of the range or even more.

Invisalign solutions are clear brackets which move your teeth over time. These are swapped out every two weeks until your treatment is complete. The cost of Invisalign can range from £1,700 to £4,000. The average cost of Invisalign in London is £2,000. As with Damon Braces, if your case is difficult, you will be paying more. Having said that, not all people are good candidate for Invisalign has it can only deal with rotation and sideways movement of the teeth. If your teeth need to be moved vertically then you will not be a good candidate for Invisalign in the UK.

Finally we have the cost of Lingual Braces in London. Lingual Braces are braces that are attached to the back of your teeth. They are completely invisible and ideal for people like musicians and actors and actresses who do not wish to have braces attached to the front of their teeth interfering with their livelihoods. Lingual Braces are completely custom manufactured for you. This results in them costing significantly more than traditional braces, Damon Braces and even Invisalign. The cost of Lingual Braces T as high as £6,000 or even more if your case is complicated. They can however be had for as low as £2,000 as there are products such as incognito lite to deal with teeth that do not require significant movement.

Now that you have an idea of what braces cost in London, read our guide on how you can save on orthodontist.

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